activereach Kit Recycling Scheme

The activereach kit recycling scheme. activereach works with our customers to maintain and improve their ‘green’ credentials. Replacement of networking hardware often leads to cost savings in energy consumption but that leaves the issue of potential environmental harm being done to the environment from poor disposal practices for the replaced equipment.

Where possible, activereach can work with the replacement equipment vendor to provide trade-in discounting and disposal, relieving your organisation from the need to stockpile old equipment until it becomes financially viable to process. It also removes the opportunity for accidental inappropriate disposal into landfill where chemical leakage can cause a significant impact on natural resources.

Where there is no trade-in discount offered by the incoming vendor supplier, activereach will, in addition to any regulatory requirement for recycling, offer and accept direct requests to dispose of replaced networking equipment, at our sole discretion. This may include disposal of additional equipment rather than direct ‘port-for-port’ replacement – for example we may offer to take back multiple outdated routers whilst supplying new Ethernet switches.

We may, at our discretion, offer or accept requests to remove replaced equipment belong to our partners.

For your knowledge and security, all equipment accepted by activereach will:

We will confirm to you what we have accepted for reuse/disposal. We would expect you to have confirmed internally that any equipment sent to or collected by us has already been written off as an asset.

For the avoidance of doubt, activereach is not considered to be an EEE producer ( or a DCF – designated collection facility -(

In general, unless otherwise agreed before or at the point of installation, packing materials are disposed of by our customers.