activereach chargeable incidents and work

activereach customers are expected to have unexpired support incidents to cover the raising and resolution of issues. Each incident or issue is treated as a support case within the support team.

This document clarifies what is considered a chargeable incident.

Chargeable as an Incident (non-exhaustive)

  • Queries (‘how do I…?’ questions)
  • Work related to the resolution of problems (not otherwise charged as engineering time)
  • Minor Configuration changes (‘can you…?’ questions – if not of a magnitude requiring engineering time)
  • Configuration restores (remotely performed)
  • Software bugs resolution and reporting
  • PreSales issues opened with the support team
  • Software or Firmware upgrades (performed remotely during working hours)
  • 3rd party security or spam alert confirmation and resolution
  • Incidents raised by an intermediate 3rd party support organisation without adequate investigation
  • Spare equipment reconfiguration
  • Customer operated monitoring platform alert confirmation and resolution
  • activereach operated monitoring platform alerts for non-circuit connected devices
  • Circuit down failure investigations outside of working hours
  • Circuit down failure investigations due to customer or site issues
  • Cases leading to onsite investigations
  • Incidents reopened after being closed for 14 or more days.

Not Chargeable as an Incident (exhaustive)

  • Installations (treated as chargeable engineering work)
  • Circuit down failures within normal working hours (confirmation and reporting of circuit down only)
  • activereach Monitoring Platform alerts for activereach supplied circuit NTE
  • Carrier planned maintenance notifications
  • Hardware failures reported on first contact with activereach where the device has hardware support contract placed with activereach
  • activereach Installed/Pre-configured & Shipped items within first 30 days
  • Programmed Engineering
  • activeDefence DDoS Testing cycles
  • Courtesy calls/cases
  • Related cases (additionally opened cases within 14 days relating directly to the first case)
  • activereach support portal access requests
  • Sales queries sent to support (for wholly sales matters)
  • Cases lasting less than 10 minutes
  • Notification of firmware security issues (resolution may be a chargeable incident or engineering work)
  • Provision of customer administrative access details to a customer owned device (where known to activereach)

Chargeable Work

  • Consultancy
  • Audits
  • Onsite Installations (treated as engineering work)
  • Onsite investigation work needed in support of a current case (Complex ‘Why’ queries – treated as engineering work)
  • Remote installations and non-minor configuration (treated as engineering work)
  • activereach purchased equipment pre-configuration (treated as engineering work)
  • Cases involving significant liaison with a third party for configuration changes (engineering time)
  • Time spent in excess of 40 working hours on a chargeable case