Mobile Application

activereach Ltd is pleased to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to download and install our mobile application.

You can find the mobile application on the Google Play Store for Android devices. (Apple version coming soon.)

Or visit Google Play on your mobile device, and search for “activereach”.

The activereach mobile application gives our customers access to a variety of useful resources at their fingertips.


Planned Additions

We will continue to add more functionality to the mobile application, and we are always internally discussing ways we can further provide our customers with excellent tools and visibility to ensure their activereach experience is the very best. We have many plans for future releases, but it is difficult to provide timescales for these.

  • View support case progress
  • View customer circuit traffic and statistics
  • Notify customers regarding relevant outages and planned works
  • Apple IOS version release

Change log

Version 2

Updates in version 2:

  • The addition of the Twitter feed for the @activereachtech account.

Known bugs in version 2:

  • Some of the options within the Twitter feed do not function as expected.

Version 1

The first live version of the mobile application has the following features:

  • A simple way for users to call the activereach numbers.
  • A link to the activereach website.
  • A link to the activereach YouTube channel.
  • A form to raise a support case (this requires use of your installed email application).
  • A form to update an existing support case (this requires use of your installed email application).
  • A selection of handy technical tips.