Changing DNS servers on a device or network

It can be useful to know how to change the DNS servers used by a device on your network sometimes; indeed, it can be VITAL at times to do so also.

Cisco Umbrella uses security through DNS as one of its methods to help keep people and organizations safe when using the Internet. Cisco Umbrella is the new name for OpenDNS.

If you are a user who wishes to use OpenDNS to secure a device or network, you can use this guide to help you.

Windows 10 Guide


The best way to implement security across your entire network is to change your DHCP server, or home router, to provide networked devices with the required DNS servers. There are many different types of router, so see if you can find your specific device here:

Router Configuration Changes

You can also watch our video tutorial that demonstrates how to do this, and see it in action.

Our customers, and other organizations, will benefit from an enterprise implementation of DNS Security.