Mimecast for Outlook Part 2

With your Exchange account and Mimecast for Outlook installed, there are couple of other steps required, go to the new Mimecast menu, and then Account Options:

Within the account options, the credentials need to be added:

Click ‘Set Credentials’ on Domain Authentication and enter the AD account details:

After a few seconds the credentials are validated, and the Mimecast bar within Outlook is a little happier with its configuration.

The cloud password can be set by going to administration > directories > internal directories > select domain and user and you will see under the permissions section a password field. This is the cloud password.

The benefit this provides is it allows users to still access mimecast end user applications when their AD connection is down or there is a outage. The cloud log in is enabled by checking on administration > services > applications > authentication profiles > choose the authentication profile and you will see the “Allow Cloud Authentication” option.

The following articles outline the application and authentication profile settings:

Application settings

Authentication profiles

Large file send has to be part of your Mimecast package, once it is enabled it will be available as a setting under application settings.

LFS offers a number of benefits, these are listed in the following article:

Attachment strip and link applies a link to download the attachment, the link is valid for 30 days only and cannot be managed.

Within the new email window, there is a Mimecast tab also:


Continuity events

Continuity events can be either manually entered by users via Mimecast for outlook  (if enabled on applications settings ) or be enforced by a managed controlled method using the continuity event tool in the admin console – administration > services > continuity.

This allows for a planned continuity event to be configured where you can specify a group of users who are affected and duration, notifications can be set.

You can also configure continuity event management to set up a monitor allowing automatic detection for outage, the following articles outline this:

Continuity Event Management: Detection and Alert Process

Managing an Event

Configuring a Continuity Monitor

Best practice

Admin Guides for MfO

The following KB has links to the mimecast for outlook admin guides:

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