Mimecast for Outlook

Mimecast for Outlook (or MfO) is an application for Windows that provides Outlook users access to Mimecast features.

It used to be known as MSO (Mimecast Services for Outlook) and the application itself was called the MSO Plugin.

Application Download

The tool and configuration tool can be downloaded from here.


Users of Exchange or Office365 can take advantage of the additional benefits that MfO provide.


  • Powerful Archive Search capability
  • Export search results back into Outlook
  • View and search for archived files and documents


  • Report potential spam to the Mimecast Security Team
  • Manage blocked and permitted senders
  • Apply pre-defined stationery, send secure messages, apply document conversion policies and send large files.
  • Manage personal and moderated message hold queues


  • Continue to send and receive email during a mail server outage
  • Archived Folders provides a familiar view of the folder structure and email even if they have been removed from Exchange

Application Installation

There are several versions of Outlook (Office) and several versions of MfO, so you need to ensure you check which version is appropriate. In this example, the screenshots are from Outlook 2007 32 bit, and Mimecast for Outlook 6.1.1434.14830 (32 bit).

After installation and launching Outlook, new Mimecast options will be available:

If no exchange account is configured, a notification like this will appear:

Otherwise, you can move to the next step of configuring and using MfO.