An essential part of keeping your Meraki infrastructure healthy and bug free is to ensure firmware updates are applied on a regular basis.

The Meraki upgrade process is initiated through the Meraki dashboard and normally takes a few minutes per device.  At the end of the process, each upgraded device will restart automatically so it is important to either perform upgrades out of hours or to inform users there will be a brief outage using your change control process.

From the Meraki Dashboard, select Organization from the left hand menu and under Monitor, select Firmware Upgrades.

The Overview tab will show the current stable firmware versions by default as well as any upgrade activities that have occurred recently.

Click on the All networks tab towards the top left of the Firmware upgrades page.

A table of your Meraki Networks, their device type, the version of firmware running on the devices and whether firmware upgrades are available will be displayed.

To schedule an upgrade, select the checkbox next to the network to be upgraded and then press the Schedule upgrade button in the top right hand corner.


A pop-up window titled Bulk edit firmware versions will open and list the networks you selected be upgraded. If the Target firmware version field matches the version you want to upgrade to, simply click the Next button. Otherwise, select the firmware version you wish to deploy on your devices and then click the Next button.

The next window, titled Schedule firmware change will now appear giving the option to either perform the upgrade now or schedule for a date in the future. As upgrades require a reboot and are disruptive as a consequence, we recommend scheduling the update for out of operating hours.  Select the Schedule the upgrade for: radio button, select the appropriate date and time and then press Next.

Finally, a change summary will appear listing the networks affected by the change, the number of devices, the versions pre and post change and the date. Confirm the details are correct and press the Schedule change for x network button.

The upgrade is now scheduled for implementation at the specified date and time and will appear under the Scheduled changes tab on the Firmware upgrades page.