Making your own Ethernet cables

Watch our video of this here.

Things you will need:

1. Cat5e / Cat6 Ethernet Cable reel

2. RJ45 terminators

3. Crimping tool

4. Wire cutters

5. Cable stripper

6. Scissors

7. Network cable tester

8. Colour guide

  1. Cut the amount of cable required using the wire cutters
  2. Use the cable stripper to slice of around 3cm of the cable’s plastic sleeve
  3. Untwist the pairs and arrange the wires into the correct colour order
  4. Flatten them out straight and neat, and use the scissors to cut them into a straight edge about 1.5cm long
  5. Guide the wires into the RJ45 terminator, make sure each wire finds its guide / channel within the terminator head
  6. Use the crimping tool to crimp the terminator head onto the cable
  7. Repeat for the other end of the cable
  8. Now test your cable.

Watch our video of this here.