XSPM - Extended Security Posture Management

How confident are you that your organization is protected from the next cyber-attack?

There are many factors to consider when answering this question: exposed digital assets, poorly configured security controls, immediate threats, newly discovered vulnerabilities, security gaps, architecture changes, and more. Your organization’s security posture is affected by many different variables—both known and unknown—that are constantly changing and causing perpetual drift. Maintaining a robust security posture and keeping risk low requires you to continuously monitor your security program’s performance, end-to-end. Security leaders need to be empowered to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing risk exposure with a continuous security assurance program. SaaS-based Extended Security Posture Management (XSPM) enables companies to effectively manage their exposure to cyber threats, map and block possible breach routes, and validate security controls’ performance.

An XSPM platform provides an end-to-end overview of an organization’s security posture. This framework presents a comprehensive understanding of current levels of risk, exposure, drift, and even potential savings.

Security Controls Validation

Breach and Attack Simulation – Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) technology combines red (offense) and blue(defense) activities. It simulates thousands of attack scenarios and correlates them to security control findings through API integrations, as well as provides actionable detection and mitigation guidance.

Immediate Threat Intelligence –  Save time on threat research with prepackaged threat intelligence-led assessments that are updated daily, including samples, IoC’s CVE’s, detections and mitigations.

Advanced Purple Teaming – Advanced Purple Teaming expands BAS into the creation and automation of custom advanced attack scenarios. Customized scenarios can be used to exercise incident response playbooks, pro-active threat hunting and automate security assurance procedures and healthchecks. Advanced Purple Teaming is primarily used by security practitioners with adversarial skills, including red teamers and pen-testers.

Breach Feasibility

Attack Surface Management –  Attack Surface Management (ASM) technology emulates real attackers to identify digital assets (such as domains, IP addresses, and more) and assesses their exploitability against the organization’s security policies and solutions. With findings mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework’s TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures), business enterprises can take
the necessary mitigation steps.

Red Teaming Automation – Red teaming automation amplifies attempts to penetrate the organization by deploying attack techniques that evade detection controls and gain an initial foothold within the network. It can also trigger the attack with a well-crafted phishing email. After gaining the initial foothold, the attack subsequently tests network segmentation policies by lateral movement within the network in search of a pre-defined objective. Blue teams leverage adversarial capabilities to assess cybersecurity resilience, and companies that have in-house red teamers benefit from customization and automation to increase their operational efficiency

Attack-Based Vulnerability Management

activereach partner with Cymulate for XSPM, their Attack–Based Vulnerability Management (ABVM) integrates with leading third-party vulnerability management solutions and cross-references information on vulnerabilities provided by these vendors, along with the analysis from Cymulate’s ABVM, and offers a practical view of compensatory security controls over unpatched vulnerabilities in the network. Cymulate’s ABVM enables organizations to accurately prioritize remediation and patching or reconfiguration of compensating security controls.


Optimize Cybersecurity Investments

To successfully allocate security funds in direct proportion to a company’s priorities, security leaders need a clear picture of which security solutions are instrumental in protecting which business units. Cymulate enables you to quantifiably measure the effectiveness of security solutions, processes, and stuff workloads, to fine-tune your security spend to align with company priorities.

Measure and Communicate Value

Cymulate enables measuring and conveying cyber risk to executive leadership in simple words and with supporting data. Tracking and reducing your risk level over time, taking corrective measures, and optimizing defenses help demonstrate your security programs’ impact on risk and ROI.




Reduce Risk Exposure

XSPM assesses your current level of cyber-risk exposure from a threat actor viewpoint and draws a baseline to monitor how it trends over time. Doing so allows you to constantly validate your security controls against imminent threats, discover exposed assets and measure your employees’ level of cyber awareness.

Why do activereach partner with Cymulate for XSPM?

1/ Fast Time to Value – The Cymulate SaaS-based platform takes less than one hour to deploy, dramatically reducing risk within the first three months.

2/ End-to-End Validation – Cymulate validates a company’s security posture across the full cyber-attack kill chain, operationalizing the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, end-to-end.

3/ In-Depth Validation – Cymulate utilizes various security tools and analytics to assess and validate an organization’s true preparedness to handle cybersecurity threats effectively .

4/ Management and Analytics – Combining aggregated findings from the entire Cymulate XSPM platform enables security leaders to create, customize, and export reports to gain holistic insights on their security posture and make data-driven decisions.

5/ Immediate Threat Intelligence – Cymulate’s Research Lab stays abreast of the very latest threats, updating the platform daily with Immediate Threat Intelligence so that organizations can rapidly assess their resilience against the latest threats


Cymulate Platform

Scaling Up Security for Every Maturity Level


Preventative Security Stance – Organizations who want to automate their security control validation & optimization, as well as operationalize threat intelligence


Detect and Respond Security Stance- Organizations who want to exercise incident response & threat hunting, rationalize security investments, and manage their attack surface, cyber hygiene, and prevent drift


Offensive Security Stance – Organizations who want to leverage & scale in-house red teaming, incorporate security validation into organizational risk management, and implement a continuous security assurance program

To find our more about how you can introduce an XSPM framework into your organisation. Contact activereach for a demo, or get started with a free trial 0845 625 9025.