Vulnerability Assessment Services

Servers connected to the public Internet are vulnerable to automated attacks looking for security weaknesses and using the latest exploits as they appear. All companies need to dedicate resources to constant patching of operating systems and applications on servers – but the current security posture of a critical server is never a certainty. Servers are installed with a multitude of software applications, each with custom configurations for your business. Whether a server is vulnerable or not, is an important question to answer.

How it Works

activereach provides a simple vulnerability assessment service which assesses the vulnerabilities in any mail, web, print or file server by running a battery of tests against the server and creating a security report which details what changes are required to harden the server against the prevailing threats on the public Internet. Vulnerability scanning is a crucial element in securing any server alongside rigorous patching, and vital to perform on a regular basis and after significant changes to the server set-up.

  • Vulnerability assessments are short and simple tests examining individual servers
  • Assessments reveal the extent and severity of software and configuration weaknesses
  • activereach provides access to management and scanning tools for easy vulnerability assessment and issue resolution

We also run a separate Pen Testing as well as DDoS Testing Platform and we have published a Whitepaper series on ‘A guide to DDoS, Mitigation and Testing’.