IP-Discovery Suite™

Internet Asset Discovery and Profiling Service (IP Discovery)

What can an Internet attacker see of your company’s IT assets? How many of your servers or services are exposed to external attack?

activereach’s IP-Discovery Suite™ can show you.

Vital business information held on devices in the office, in a data centre, in the cloud, or in motion over public networks is threatened by a vast and bewildering array of external attack vectors.

A cybercriminal needs only one of these attack vectors to remain undefended by an organisation to succeed in their objectives. To defend themselves, an organization needs to be able to control their entire attack surface regardless of how quickly it is changing.

Organizations need a way of continually discovering and mapping their attack surface area – the information assets that the cybercriminals can see.

Introducing IP Discovery

The IP-Discovery Suite™ is a unique Internet service which dynamically creates a comprehensive register of Internet-connected information assets associated with your business and continues to track those assets as your business IT evolves. IP Discovery combines hundreds of scanning and analytical tools into one service that gives businesses, for the first time, a “big data” way of organising, analysing, and ultimately protecting your company’s digital skin.

The IP Discovery service includes:

  • IP scanning 
  • IP profiling 
  • IP mapping 
  • IP surveying
  • IP auditing

IP Discovery takes some initial seed data – domain names, IP addresses, autonomous system identifiers, brands and trademarks, and then starts a nine-step process of data enrichment, service scanning, profiling, site spidering and data correlation with public and security data sources. The resulting asset register is assessed, cleaned, and tagged to associate your information assets with business risk, ownership and other information.

As well as a powerful risk management tool, allowing you to focus your test and secure resources on your most vulnerable systems, IP-Discovery can track security test results against critical assets and demonstrate continual improvement in defence posture over time. IP Discovery gives security, IT and business risk teams crucial insight into the actual fabric of the company’s information regardless of where it resides. 

IP-Discovery Suite™ can alert you to:

  • All of your public servers using old or unpatched versions of server software
  • Critical third party applications (eg. SaaS, payroll) used by your business that are not protected by your DDoS mitigation
  • AWS, Azure, or other cloud services unexpectedly exposing data associated with your company or other assets
  • Any of your domains or IP assets that appear in anti-spam blacklists, or on hacker forums
  • Test servers, temporary systems, legacy portals, trial services and other potentially unmonitored ways into your business
  • Phishing websites using SSL certificates mentioning one of your brands or domains even if they are not yours

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