DDoS Testing Services

The activeDEFENCE DDoS Testing platform provides organisations at risk of attack with a real-time, controlled DDoS attack simulation. The impact of a DDoS attack is far-reaching and can paralyze a business‘ operation with significant loss in revenues and company reputation. There is only one solution to mitigate these type of threats and that is realistic DDoS testing.

Many organisations today are spending significant amounts of their security budget on mitigation systems, but cannot prove how reliable these systems are until they have been attacked. The activeDEFENCE DDoS testing platform will help validate mitigation investment and alleviate any uncertainties regarding network security setup by probing its vulnerabilities with advanced cybercrime scenarios and attack vectors.

Why simulate a DDoS attack on your network?

  • Validate mitigation investment
  • Identify weaknesses in current security posture & system configurations
  • Inform business risk and compliance considerations
  • Prepare people & processes in the event of an attack
  • Protect company revenues and reputation

What DDoS Attacks Can We Simulate?

The activeDEFENCE DDoS Testing platform utilises a globally managed legitimate botnet that is capable of generating an extensive range of attack types. These can range from small DDoS attacks under 1Mbps to large multi-gigabit DDoS attacks that can scale up to in excess of 100Gbps. The Botnet does not use anonymous infected computers, but instead a global testing network using dedicated co-located and cloud-based servers to generate the traffic. Of course we can also multiple tests concurrently, from separate botnets.

activereach will work with you to choose the optimal and most relevant DDoS attack simulation that can include the following layer 4 and layer 7 attacks:

  • Volumetric – SYN, Out of state (ACK, PSH+ACK,RST), UDP etc…
  • Application – SlowLoris, Rudy, Pyloris, RefRef, Tors Hammer
  • BOTNet attacks – We also have simulated attacks from Bots in the wild such as DirtJumper
  • SSL – We verify your SSL daemons are not susceptible to attack, THC-SSL
  • Customised attacks – When you schedule an attack we will analyse your network and customise sophisticated attack vectors the same way a group of attackers would do when they decide you are their target

Please access our online DDoS attack dictionary for the full range of attack types supported

DDoS Testing: How it Works

activereach will walk you through a short customisation and verification procedure.

The DDOS simulation will be done at a time convenient for you with the activereach Testing team on the line real-time to guide you and highlight where the weaknesses in your network and servers are.

Our DDoS Testing Services offer either a standard template test pattern for a simple 90 min baseline test or a more advanced bespoke test scenario that can last for up to 6 hours.

DDoS Testing Platform in Operation: activereach

DDoS Testing Platform in Operation

Web Command and Control Panel

The DDoS Testing control dashboard provides our security engineers performing the test with the ability to define targets, set test type, set parameters, select attack agents and gather important test results.

Advanced Features

  • Emergency Stop Function
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Real Time Asset Monitoring
  • DDoS Reporting Archive
  • Baseline & Bespoke Advanced Attack Scenarios

DDoS Testing: Monitor per-agent statistics during tests

Monitor per-agent statistics during tests

DDoS Testing: Real time global traffic statistics


Real time global traffic statistics

If you would like to arrange a controlled DDoS attack on your network, please contact a DDoS Testing Specialist on 0845 625 9025.