Perimeter WAF

Web servers with critical data are prone to being probed regularly by criminals looking for any of a plethora of weaknesses and exploits that might lead to the system being compromised, the data harvested, and the server repurposed as a slave to the criminal for future attacks.

Some servers make extensive use of encrypted sessions with users to protect data in transit and this can be a problem for implementing effective cloud-based WAF services if you need to comply with certain security standards such as PCI DSS. An on-premise or perimeter web application firewall (WAF) solution is perfect for this scenario – either as a dedicated WAF appliance, or a virtual application on existing hardware.


  • Protect your web servers and applications from attacks and exploits
  • Comprehensive protection from all types of web application and scripting attacks
  • Can be delivered as a WAF appliance or as a virtual application on existing hardware
  • On-premise protection is ideal for encrypted servers that comply with PCI DSS
  • Manage the service yourselves, or have our experts manage it for you
  • Full installation and configuration services
  • Complete hardware, software and service support options 24x7x365

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