Cloud-based WAF

Web servers with critical data are prone to being probed regularly by criminals looking for any of a plethora of weaknesses and exploits that might lead to the system being compromised, the data harvested, and the server repurposed as a slave to the criminal for future attacks.

A cloud-based WAF is probably the simplest method of protecting a vulnerable web server from the constant stream of attacks looking for holes in the configuration or exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities in software. Deployment only requires changing DNS records for the domains involved, and all web traffic for the server can be screened for specific threat profiles associated with attack traffic before being passed to the server.

How it Works

activereach can offer cloud-based WAF to suit all budgets and requirements. In addition, cloud-based platforms offering WAF capabilities are capable of offering other services useful to web servers such as content caching and acceleration and even DDoS mitigation.

Our Security Operation Centre is manned by experienced cybersecurity experts and registered ethical hackers with each cybersecurity expert showcasing at least 10 years of battle-tested experience. The best talent in cybersecurity is at your fingertips 24 hours, 7 days a week.

activereach WAF Dashboard: Threat Intelligence & Monitoring
Fig 1: WAF Dashboard: Threat Intelligence & Monitoring

Our advanced bot identification technology differentiates legitimate web application users including human beings and search engines from malicious traffic. While malicious traffic is stopped and diverted, legitimate bot and human traffic continues access to your web applications. We make downtime a thing of the past.

Our always-on, cloud-based WAF infrastructure is designed to handle even the largest of volumetric attacks. With over 30 POPs around the globe and strategically positioned mitigation and scrubbing centres, we keep your web site, network, and DNS safe from Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks.


  • Protect your web servers and applications from attacks and exploits
  • 24/7 Security Operation Centre
  • Comprehensive protection from all types of web application and scripting attacks
  • Cloud-based service requires no investment in hardware or software
  • Optional content acceleration and DDoS protection available alongside WAF
  • Simple DNS change to scan all traffic for the web server
  • Industry’s best cybersecurity dashboard with granular controls
activereach WAF Dashboard: Advanced Content Caching
Fig 2: WAF Dashboard: Advanced Content Caching

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