Web Application Firewalls

As web servers and web applications become ever more sophisticated, they become more prone to vulnerabilities in configuration or weaknesses in the software. Criminals seek to exploit these vulnerabilities using techniques such as cross-site scripting or SQL code injections to exfiltrate sensitive data from the server, or take command of it – to recruit it into botnets designed to launch further attacks on targets across the public Internet.

Web servers are attractive targets for criminals as they provide the richest source of valuable data to sell on, and a powerful platform with good access to Internet bandwidth to amplify future attacks. It is now critical for all businesses offering any type of public web service to protect those servers using firewall devices or services specifically designed to defend against these nuanced and sometimes subtle attack methods.

How it Works

activereach offers a complete range of Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to protect your vital web servers and the data held on them. A WAF can be deployed as a device, just in front of the servers they are protecting, or perhaps more simply, as a cloud-based subscription that provides access control without the need to invest in hardware, software or hosting.


  • Protect your web servers and applications from attacks and exploits
  • Comprehensive protection from all types of web application and scripting attacks
  • activereach offers cloud and device-based solutions to suit all customers
  • Manage the service yourselves, or have our experts manage it for you
  • Full installation and configuration services
  • Complete hardware, software and service support options 24x7x365

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