Unified API Protection

APIs have become the currency of exchange for everything we do digitally. The apps we use on our devices for work and pleasure, for shopping, money management, entertainment and travel, all rely heavily on APIs. Organizations of all sizes are using APIs to increase business pace and create competitive advantage.

Security risks abound with all things digital, and APIs are no exception.  APIs are well-known and highly visible doorways into an organization’s data and business processes. Often they lack adequate security safeguards and are a top attack target. Security teams must prevent the misuse and abuse that can lead to fraud, data loss and business disruption, not just across APIs but also legacy web and mobile applications.


API Security Challenges

Many of today’s security teams lack the visibility and defense capabilities to protect their organizations from the ever-growing risk posed by APIs and other application connections. Some feel that compliance with PCI or SOC 2, combined with a DevOps mentality and existing security technologies, is enough to identify their API risk surface and provide adequate security controls.

However using these strategies, organizations can’t “know what they don’t know”, so they can’t look for all API vulnerabilities if they don’t know where to look. Even if all APIs are discovered and “known”, attackers can still leverage seemingly legitimate transactions in an attempt to steal data or commit fraud. Traditional approaches that use WAFs or API gateways depend on easily evadable detection, lack the real-time ability to discern good from bad API activity, and are reliant on static, lowest common denominator protection spread across multiple technology components.


The Ideal Solution: Unified API Protection

The ideal solution is one that protects organizations from losses across their entire API risk surface, can be deployed quickly without intrusive instrumentation or agents, and scales easily. The solution should also provide an outside-in and inside-out view of the API risk surface, while leveraging AI, ML, and threat intelligence to:

  • Address every phase of the API security lifecycle
  • Discover and create a complete runtime inventory of all managed and unmanaged APIs, known and previously unknown.
  • Monitor, detect and protect against sophisticated and persistent attacks

Cequence provides the only API protection platform that unifies native inline API threat prevention, holistic API discovery, inventory tracking, risk assessment and remediation.




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