SaaS Application Security

Secure the Applications That Power The Enterprise

Many businesses face the challenge of understanding and managing the growing number of SaaS risks that could negatively impact their company.  In a recent survey conducted by AppOmni two thirds of organisations thought their SaaS applications would cause the greatest business disruption if there was an outage.

So how do you manage your security posture and business risks across your SaaS applications?

Our critical SaaS application security and automation solution makes it easy for enterprise security and IT teams to secure business critical SaaS environments – from each application vendor to every end-user.

An Integral Security Platform

SaaS applications are fast becoming the primary way to deploy enterprise workloads so the need to safeguard and secure these applications is a top priority.

Instant Visibility of Your SaaS Risks

Deployment is easy and you can get visibility across your critical SaaS environments rapidly. Centrally discover the use of sensitive configurations and administrative actions. Detect and inventory third party applications and OAuth grants. Proactively remediate issues before they become a security event by leveraging out of the box best practice configuration policies and auto-remediation platform capabilities.  Empowering you to make informed decisions by providing a comprehensive and complete view of potential misconfigurations and data exposures.


Flexible and Proactive Enforcement Policies

Gain immediate visibility into what data can be accessed by all types of users and integrations – employees, contractors, external third parties, and more. Employ an extensive set of whitelist/blacklist security policies to allow or prevent access based on company preferences. Expertly designed default policies enable SaaS Application teams to deliver business functionality quickly and securely.  Providing you with the capabilities to centrally define, enforce, and verify compliance, configuration, and security policies and rules across your SaaS ecosystem.

Actionable Cross-Cloud Alerts

Add comprehensive SaaS detection capabilities to your existing SecOps teams. Be alerted on abnormal, inappropriate, or suspicious activity that is occurring across your SaaS environments. Automatic event normalization and built-in detections provide high fidelity alerts directly to your existing tooling and teams. Proactively monitor and hunt for security posture and data access issues, preventing incidents from ever occurring. Helping you prevent posture and data access issues via consolidated monitoring and detection alerts and events.

Continuous Compliance

Automatically enforce critical SaaS security controls to meet PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR requirements for access monitoring and control with out of the box mappings for SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and more. Auto-remediate configuration errors and deploy security baselines across multiple instances simultaneously and consistently. Audit and monitor the use of sensitive configuration and administrative actions. Trust and verify with extensive compliance reports and dashboards.

AppOmni helps you manage your security posture and risk for SaaS applications:

  • Box
  • Github
  • Office 365
  • Teams
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Workday
  • ServiceNow
  • Okta

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