Remote Access & Mobility Security

In today’s business environment, different business units, partners, contractors and guests all require secure remote access. Increased mobility in the workplace with the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and BYOD solutions has meant that many employees also require remote access.

What’s more, employees and external parties require different levels of remote access and often require a user experience tailored to their unique requirements. Most VPNs fall short of these requirements, and suffer from IT’s reluctance to issue managed devices to every employee, partner and contractor.

How It Works

Our Remote Access and Mobility Security solutions provide secure access to your networks and network resources through policy-based access control, identity-aware networking, and data integrity and confidentiality services.

They promote highly secure mobile connectivity with VPN, wireless security, and remote workforce security solutions that extend network access safely and easily to a wide range of users and devices.

These mobility solutions offer the most comprehensive and versatile connectivity options, endpoints, and platforms to meet your organisation’s changing and diverse mobility needs.


  • Globally connect your enterprise resources securely and effectively, enabling a mobile workforce, using secure VPN access and authentication, reducing communications costs and increasing flexibility in the process
  • Reduce disruption of work flow and overall costs with easily deployed, cloud managed solutions with no new hardware, using only existing smartphone, tablet or laptop technology
  • Full-tunnel client mode gives remote access users a consistent LAN-like user experience
  • High level cryptography provides next-generation security for highly sensitive data
  • Two-factor authentication process long used by the financial industry and Fortune 500 enterprise employees provides an added level of high security with minimal cost and effort
  • Easy to use and easy to deploy Key Fob security token system allows you to close all security gaps in user authentication in a matter of hours
  • Lock down access for certain users where they can go on your network easily with centralised policy control and management
  • Trust access available for existing users when they bring their own devices (BYOD)
  • Secure access to business critical information on employee smartphones and tablets with easy to use, battery friendly, next generation Mobility Client software
  • Network administrators can control which networks or resources the endpoints connect to

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