Public Cloud Security

The inexorable trend to push business applications out of the company office and onto third party cloud platforms has led to a new frontier in company data security.

For the first time responsibility for sensitive company data is being shared between the business and, often large, public cloud providers. The flexibility of spinning up new servers on demand has created a fantastic new playground for IT teams to deploy business applications in new and innovative ways. Unfortunately the tools provided by cloud companies to secure the environment are almost universally difficult to manage, lack capability and really limit a security team’s capability to keep the company’s data assets safe.

How it Works

To satisfy this latest security challenge, activereach provides a very simple, but powerful cloud-based firewall management service. This service can provide immediate visibility of the customer’s public cloud servers in their security context and then provides a suite of tools for managing the access control configurations of the servers including auto-configuration tools for new servers when they are created. An optional add-on can provide file integrity monitoring on top of the firewall management capabilities.

Even as AWS and public cloud adoption continues to exponentially grow, many organizations are finding the task of securing this infrastructure to be a challenging proposition. Traditional security products cannot cope with the dynamism and elasticity of the public cloud. What’s needed is a new type of cloud security architecture designed to address the abstract and agile nature of AWS.

This solution is purpose-built to secure your entire Amazon AWS presence including servers, load balancers and all other network elements on AWS. It integrates with Amazon’s built-in security frameworks to provide centralized management of EC2 and VPC security groups across multiple AWS accounts and regions. Designed to perform as the security operations console for AWS, It provides continuous monitoring, visibility, control and compliance.

activereach Centralised Management Portal screen
Fig 1: Centralised Management Portal

One portal to view and control the security of all of your cloud-based servers. It’s the first important step to taming the new wild west of business data.


  • Gain visibility of and manage firewall rules on all cloud servers from one portal
  • Manage servers in groups based on security context
  • Automatically deploy a default secure configuration to the servers when created
  • Agentless deployment and web-based portal. No hardware or software required
  • Optional file integrity monitoring on cloud servers (requires agent installation)