Network Perimeter IDS/IPS

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are a family of security solutions that look for anomalous traffic on the network they are connected to. They employ signature-based scanning with behavioural heuristics to learn your network’s normal traffic patterns and to alert you when rules and thresholds have been broken.

Deploying these systems can be intimidating for a business if network security is not a speciality of the IT team, but it is a requirement of certain critical security standards such as PCI DSS. These systems need careful deployment, configuration and ongoing tuning to avoid swamping teams with false-positives – or allowing attack traffic through.

How it Works

Often deployed alongside security event management tools to sort and organise alerts and messages from the IDS/IPS devices. activereach provides consultation, design, configuration, deployment and support services to allow a company to benefit from IDS/IPS, remain compliant with PCI DSS and the like – without causing the IT team operational headaches.


  • IDS/IPS provide sophisticated alerts and prevention of internal and external attacks
  • PCI DSS and other security standards require the use of IDS/IPS systems
  • This can be intimidating for IT teams that are not specialised in security
  • activereach provides IDS/IPS solutions from a number of vendors
  • Full design, configuration, deployment and support options

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