Network Perimeter Firewall

For a long time, firewalls were synonymous with network security; providing access control between two networks they are the basic building block of a security architecture. Modern firewalls pack powerful security tools into a custom secure appliance for deployment at the edge of the network for all types and sizes of customer network. All businesses with Internet connections absolutely require a firewall as minimum protection against cyber attacks.

Basic firewalls provide packet filtering – controlling access in and out of the network based on source and destination and protocol. More modern systems add VPN capabilities, deep packet inspection with anti-malware filtering and control of web browsing with URL filters.

How it Works

But for all that, a firewall is a toolkit and it is only as good as the security policy that it enforces, and the quality of the configuration. As such, activereach provides expert help to consult on effective security policies, configure these devices and recommends (and provides) independent Penetration Testing services to demonstrate that the firewall is working as required – with feedback to keep the configuration current even as your business network, and the threat landscape changes.


  • Enforce your security policies at the edge of your network to protect your business
  • Defend against internal and external attacks
  • Gain visibility and control of what traffic goes where to and from your network
  • activereach provides firewall solutions from a range of vendors
  • Full design, configuration, deployment and support options
  • Complete solutions or individual devices

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