Network Perimeter Security

The basic building block of traditional network security solutions is still the concept of strong digital walls and a gatehouse to surround and protect your critical data assets. The rise of distributed computing, cloud-based applications and workforce mobility may have moved many risks outside of the corporate perimeter, but for many businesses, the cornerstone of a good defensive posture is still the firewall, and associated security devices.

How it Works

activereach is vendor-neutral and consults on, designs, deploys and supports a range of devices that can be used to create a strong corporate perimeter. From basic firewalls, to secure traffic in and out – to sophisticated intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) that can spot anomalous traffic behaviour and stop internal as well as external attacks.


  • Enforce your security policy at the edge of your network to protect your business
  • Defend against internal and external attacks
  • Gain visibility and control of what traffic goes where to and from your network
  • activereach provides solutions from a range of vendors
  • Full design, configuration, deployment and support options
  • Complete solutions or individual devices

Please browse our solution pages Network Perimeter Firewall and Network Perimeter IDS/IPS to find out more.