Protect your organization’s core assets using flexible, quickly-deployed, and easy to understand segmentation and micro-segmentation controls.

Micro-segmentation is an emerging data center and cloud security best practice that enables fine-grained security policies in data center networks. Providing several advantages over more established approaches like network segmentation and application segmentation, micro-segmentation bolsters individual workload isolation and protection, reducing risks and simplifying security management. These advantages are essential at a time when a growing number of enterprises are adopting cloud services and new deployment options, such as containers.

When implementing micro-segmentation, it is important to select a future-proof approach that can be applied to emerging deployment models like containers in addition to standard cloud instances, virtual machines, and bare-metal servers. It is also important to select an approach that works consistently across cloud providers. By decoupling security from the cloud infrastructure provider, organizations can prevent vendor lock-in from driving costs up and avoid unnecessary complexity when mergers and acquisitions create mixed cloud environments.

The industry’s most complete and flexible solution for micro-segmentation, offering:

  • Wide Coverage – micro-segmentation policy anywhere your applications run today or tomorrow, spanning public, private or hybrid cloud environments.
  • Deep Visibility – application discovery and dependencies mapping allows you to understand the full context of application dependencies before defining micro-segmentation security policies.
  • Intuitive Workflow – simple workflow from mapping application dependencies to suggesting and setting rules, so you understand their impact before applying to traffic.
  • Granular Policies – allows you to set and enforce “process-level” rules to tightly control flows between application components, resulting in the strongest security posture.

“There is an urgent need for one security solution that works anywhere, regardless of infrastructure. Security thought-leaders are increasingly pushing enterprises to adopt a Zero Trust model of security, where you provide applications, users and data only the access they need – and nothing more.”

How It Works

A lightweight agent overlay approach means that customers benefit from strong policy enforcement for flows in Layer 4, and strong policy enforcement for users and processes in Layer 7.  This is all provided with no compromise on performance.

How It Works: Guardicore Centre Micro Segmentation
Source: Guardicore

The activereach solution provides an easier, quicker way to provider constant and consistent security for any application in any environment.  This comprehensive approach to hybrid cloud security is the perfect choice for customers looking to expand their protection without increasing their overhead.

Your Pathway to Micro-Segmentation

1. Reveal

Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping

  • Automatically correlate network and process-level activity
  • Identify application behavior with process-level context
  • Automatically import orchestration metadata to generate asset labels

2. Build

Quickly Design, Test and Deploy Policies

  • Design policies using automated rule suggestions based on historical observations
  • Intuitive workflow supports continuous policy refinement and eliminates errors
  • Consistently express policy across any environment

3. Enforce

Strong Security, in Any Environment

  • Control communications at both the network and process-level on Windows and Linux
  • Investigate policy violations and detect breaches faster with integrated data from multiple attack vectors
  • Maintain security regardless of operating system enforcement limitations

Benefits of Micro-Segmentation

    • Greatly reduces the attack surface in environments with a diverse set of deployment models and a high rate of change. Even as DevOps-style application development and deployment processes bring frequent changes, a micro-segmentation platform can provide ongoing visibility and ensure that security policies keep pace as applications are added and updated.
    • Improved breach detection as micro-segmentation also significantly improves organizations’ ability to detect and contain breaches quickly. This includes the ability to generate real-time alerts when policy violations are detected and actively block attempts to use compromised assets as launch points for lateral movement.
    • Strengthen regulatory compliance posture as segments of the infrastructure containing regulated data can be isolated, compliant usage can be tightly enforced, and audits are greatly simplified.
    • Integration with an organization’s broader infrastructure such as orchestration tools and breach detection. It’s also essential to select a micro-segmentation approach that works across physical servers, virtual machines, and multiple cloud providers for maximum effectiveness and flexibility.
    • Multiple use cases in any environment as it offers network discovery, compliance, cloud migration, securing critical assets, data protection, risk reduction and much more.  All from a single platform for IaaS, PaaS, on-premises VMs, legacy and bare-metal servers
    • Quick to value as flexible policy creation includes automated suggestions, whitelists, blacklists, and custom rules.

Current customers span verticals such as finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and online service providers – contact us to find out how micro-segmentation can help your organization.

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