Email Continuity with activereach and Mimecast

Email security is a primary concern for organisations, and rightly so – with some research showing 90% of cyberattacks start with a spear phishing email.

But if you are looking for an email security platform, why not make use of a comprehensive solution that also provides redundancy for your business?

activereach Mimecast gives you all the benefits of email filtering and security, and also access to email functionality during a server outage.

Business productivity tends to fall when there is no access to email, and normally a server is a key part of the infrastructure.

E-mail Delivery When everything is working normally, email is delivered to a customer email server, and internal users and external users can access the server through the corporate network.

But when there is an outage, either the corporate network or firewall goes down, or the server goes down – this halts productivity drastically.

Email delivery fails, and users are unable to access the platform to continue working. Email bounces can cause lost sales and confusion to external senders.
Research has shown that a third of companies have seen lost revenue as a result of a service outage, and 77% had experienced an outage in the last year.

A better solution is to have a cloud based, reliable email delivery platform that is not reliant on the business Internet connectivity, where email is delivered and held.

In the event of an outage, email is still delivered by external senders to the cloud service. Users can access their own personal email portal to continue reading, and sending emails.

activereach Mimecast customers with the continuity service means all end users will gain access to the Mimecast personal portal:

See a guide here.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive email security
  • Highly secure and resilient cloud access
  • Continuity service with 100% service availability SLA
  • Administrator web console
  • Mimecast plug-in for Outlook
  • Mobile Apps

If Active Directory Synchronization has been used, the platform will automatically store user credentials enabling them swift access to emails stored in the cloud.

Additionally, Administrators can choose to use the Outlook Plug-In. This service means users can simply continue using their dedicated email programs during an outage, the plug-in will provide access to the cloud-based platform in the exact way they are used to.

Start benefitting from improved email security and business continuity today.

Download PDF:
Email Continuity with activereach and Mimecast