Hybrid DDoS Mitigation & Protection

Modern attackers are now combining traditional volumetric attacks designed to overwhelm network bandwidth with stealthy application-layer attacks designed to slowly exhaust network resources over time. This blended DDoS mitigation solution, known as hybrid DDoS mitigation, is growing in popularity because it is highly effective and difficult to defend.

Hybrid DDoS mitigation either uses the domain name system (DNS) to direct inbound traffic through a scrubbing centre prior to delivery to the server, or for larger deployments routing (eg. BGP) is used to make sure all network traffic, regardless of type, is filtered prior to delivery using a clean pipe. The on-site device communicates with the cloud-based mitigation service to ensure comprehensive protection from all types of DDoS attack.

Hybrid DDoS Mitigation – How it Works

activereach offers a hybrid DDoS mitigation solution, which combines cloud-based mitigation to handle high volume flood-style DDoS attacks, with on-premise devices for monitoring and protection from application-based DDoS attacks. This comprehensive solution suits companies regularly faced with sophisticated multi-vector DDoS attack campaigns such as those in high risk categories including the financial services and gaming industries.

Once deployed, it is highly recommended that customers routinely test their hybrid DDoS mitigation system. We provide DDoS Testing Services to ensure optimal performance of both the mitigation devices, the people and processes involved.

Hybrid DDoS Mitigation – Features

  • Protect your servers or sites from DDoS attacks designed to keep them off-line
  • Comprehensive protection from all types of DDoS attack
  • activereach offers devices from a range of providers with independent advice
  • DNS or routing deployment options suit different sizes of customers
  • Manage the service yourselves, or have our experts manage it for you
  • Full installation and configuration services
  • Complete hardware, software and service support options 24x7x365
  • Once in place, mitigation should be routinely DDoS tested to ensure effectiveness

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