Cloud Application Security Solutions

Secure Cloud App Access

Identifying effective cloud application security solutions is an ongoing challenge for enterprises. Users have amazing abilities to adopt new applications that overcome a perceived limitation in the business. This has meant rapid adoption of public cloud applications such as Dropbox and Box, as well as the rise in company-sanctioned applications such as, GoogleApps, NetSuite and Microsoft Office 365.

Although companies are often capable of deciding which employees can use sanctioned applications, they often lack visibility of what other tools are being used by staff outside of the corporate network and lack the necessary controls to determine what staff are doing once they have accessed the application. This means that useful applications such as Dropbox and Box cannot be trusted sufficiently to allow their use.

Company security teams require better visibility of the use of public cloud applications by their users, as well as more advanced controls over what data can flow in and out of the business, to and from these tools, based on the widest range of contexts – what device the employee is using, where they are, and what they are trying to do with the public cloud tools.

Cloud Application Security Solutions

activereach can help you ensure secure cloud app access with a solution that integrates easily with your cloud-hosted applications. The activereach Cloud Application Security solution uses a cloud-based access control system to funnel employee access to cloud applications, and enforce highly granular and context-aware controls over user behaviour.

One portal to control enterprise-wide access to any public cloud application you can name – that will come as a real relief to IT teams looking to roll out greater access to the public cloud.

The Cloud Application Security solution from activereach leverages context-based policies to protect your critical cloud application usage. And, with no client-side software, integration is fast and seamless.

Cloud Application Security Features

activereach Prevent security breaches with activereach cloud application security solutions
Fig 1: Prevent security breaches with activereach cloud application security solutions


  • Understand which cloud apps are being used and by whom, as well as the risks associated with them

Risk-based Authentication

  • Context-based risk scoring to trigger security events, user/device/network mitigations and/ or reduce privileges

Analyze (Threat Detection)

  • Detect threats with extensive monitoring and in-depth analytics

Control (Threat Prevention)

  • Policy-based and risk-based mitigations and privileged account permission management


  • Extend your perimeter with the seamless integration of 3rd party security and monitoring tools