Bot Management

Bots are ubiquitous.

Today’s hackers use bots to launch pre-attack scans, post comment spam, exploit vulnerabilities, and execute code injection attacks, denial of service attacks, and password guessing hacks against your web facing properties. These bots commit fraud by credential stuffing, repetitively making and canceling purchases, holding and/or consuming inventory, scraping sites, stealing information, and a host of other unwanted activities.

Malicious bots also cause application and API outages that impact your customers’ experience, resulting in commercial losses. To effectively control the damages caused by the bot epidemic, organizations are faced with the challenge of staying ahead of threat actors and their malicious bots.

Akamai Bot Manager Infographic
Source: Akamai Bot Manager Infographic 2017

Conversely, legitimate bot traffic is a necessary part of the Internet. Organizations want to detect and allow good bot traffic, while managing the amount, the time-of-day, and the traffic priority. Having the ability to eliminate malicious bot traffic while managing legitimate bot traffic is critical to maintaining your uptime and your lines of business.

The Solution: Bot Manager

The answer to the challenge is activereach Bot Manager, a cloud-based, comprehensive, feature-rich bot management platform, offered as a 24×7 Managed Security Service.

  • Detects and blocks malicious bot traffic
  • Allows and manages good bots – type, time of day, origin
  • Includes configurable challenge/detection techniques
  • Redirects unwanted bot traffic to pre-configured pages
  • Provides visual bot classifications
  • Defeats content and price scraping
  • Defeats web-based phishing, spam, and chatbots
  • Conserves bandwidth and web resources
  • Defeats click fraud, credential stuffing, vulnerability scans, code injections

Unlike traditional bot detection and mitigation solutions, activereach Bot Manager offers a flexible platform that is easily deployed and continuously managed. Ongoing monitoring and tuning of bot management policies ensure an optimal security profile to protect your web applications, without sacrificing performance.

Bot Management from activereach: Bot Dashboard
Bot Manager: Bots Dashboard

Take Control of Bot Detection, Bot Mitigation and Bot Management

activereach Bot Manager is hosted in the cloud, so there’s no new hardware to install. The platform includes real-time dashboard, reporting, analytics, and alerts to provide rich insights into all requests and request handling performed by the proxy.

  • Strengthen your web application security by identifying and eliminating bad bots
  • Maintain competitive advantage by preventing content and price scraping
  • Improve user experience by blocking resource-draining bots
  • Gain insight and gather data about bot behavior targeting your web applications
  • Fight fraud by validating legitimate user behavior, and blocking bad behaviors
  • Create a better end-user experience by prioritizing authorized traffic through Bot Traffic Shaping

Bot Detection Mechanisms

JavaScript Challenge is sent to every client, attacker and real user. Legitimate browsers will pass the challenge without the user’s knowledge while bots, which are typically not equipped with JavaScript, will fail and be blocked.

Human Interaction Challenge identifies normal usage patterns for each web application based on legitimate user/visitor behavior analysis, and provides customizable security postures for bots that deviate from the standard usage behavior, activity, or frequency.

Good Bot Whitelisting gives users the ability to recognize and remember good bots and allow them access.

CAPTCHA is a challenge intended to differentiate between computers and humans. In general, scripted bots are unable to solve the CAPTCHA and repeat the words and numbers used whereas humans are.

Bot Traffic Shaping is a traffic control mechanism used to detect and delay traffic created by suspicious bots, while at the same time prioritizing and white listing authorized traffic.

Device Fingerprinting generates a hashed signature of both virtual and real browsers based on 50+ attributes. These proprietary signatures are then leveraged for real-time correlation to identify and block malicious bots.

Bots are responsible for 30% to 70% of website traffic. They range from good to middling to bad, and from simple to sophisticated. Many bot management vendors say they can solve your bot problem. But can they really? Please call 0845 625 9025 to discuss your bot ecosystem with an activereach Security Consultant.