Attack Surface Management

Discover unknown internet assets, digital exposures and threats.

Discover and Monitor Your Attack Surface

Your organization’s brand and digital presence is your largest attack vector. Because of this, cyber criminals will easily uncover and attack external-facing digital assets. In order to protect your organization, you need an accurate picture of how you look to an attacker, including an inventory of your known, unknown, and rogue digital assets.

Utilizing advanced reconnaissance and analytics to make connections between assets, RiskIQ Digital Footprint® software provides an active, comprehensive inventory of all of your IPs, domains, and hosts.

Why Your Digital Footprint Matters

Expanding attack surfaces and the rise of global adversaries leave companies vulnerable—and security teams blind—to threats that exploit customers, users, and networks via the internet.

Companies are devoting more resources to securing web assets, but with agile development teams and easy access to cloud infrastructure, the speed at which those assets are coming online makes them easy prey for bad actors looking to take advantage.

Companies usually counter cyber threats using several different tools, including firewalls, endpoint devices, and service-based solutions. But these approaches don’t provide a complete view of an organization’s attack surface, especially outside the firewall. Because certificates expire, software requires patching, and assets associated with partner infrastructure can be compromised, that blind spot can leave your organization at serious risk.

Digital threats outside the firewall include:

  • Unknown and unmanaged assets
  • Website defacement
  • Compromised or vulnerable web components
  • Broken links
  • Any assets that have been blacklisted, currently or historically, as hosting phish or malware

How Does Digital Footprint Work?

We scan millions of web pages and IPs every day, collecting telemetric data to produce a map of the internet. Digital Footprint uncovers and inventories all digital assets appearing online that tie back to your organization and that you depend on for your digital presence. Digital Footprint enables your security team to manage assets outside your firewall, bring unknown assets under management, and survey your digital footprint from the view of the global adversary.

With a full understanding of the scope of your digital presence—and continuous visibility into your internet attack surface, your security team can make accurate, comprehensive,
and strategic risk management decisions.

See Everything. Take Action. No Agents.

RiskIQ Attack Surface Management Discover, Identify Agents
Discover, Identify Agents
RiskIQ Attack Surface Management Always-On Detection
Always-On Detection
RiskIQ Attack Surface Management Malicious JavaScript Detection
Malicious JavaScript Detection


Risk IQ ASM Extended Vulnerability Management
Extended Vulnerability Management


Key Features

  • Continuous inventory of your internet-facing assets, such as hosts, IPs and open ports, websites, mobile apps, and social profiles
  • Categorize assets to business unit, brand, or owner
  • View details on assets such as IP, registrant details, web components, associated CVEs
  • API integration with GRC, CMDB, and vulnerability management applications
  • Risk Reporting based on key Threat Indicators and Security Posture

Key Benefits

  • Gain visibility into your digital attack surface from the outside in
  • Quickly pinpoint vulnerable assets for remediation
  • On demand reporting on asset compliance
  • Interoperability with existing asset and vulnerability management tools
  • Easily prioritize efforts to improve your security posture based on risk and exposure

See RiskIQ Live

For security teams, our Attack Surface Management solution gives you relevant, actionable security intelligence drawn from real observations to identify threats and enable smarter, faster defense against cyberattacks.

  • Automate analysis and insights
  • Rapidly identify and takedown threats and attack
  • Detect risks within critical infrastructure, industries, third-parties
  • Integrate with the security ecosystem—SIEM, EDR, SOAR, ITSM, and VM

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