Network Security

From malware to advanced persistent threats (APT) to extortion & internal breaches, threats to your organisation’s infrastructure are unrelenting. Today’s businesses must consider smartphones, tablets, and consumerisation of IT, combined with telecommuters, contractors, partners, and business-critical services hosted in the cloud. Security is more important than ever—and far more complex.

To defend your information and systems, you need an adaptable, multi-layered defensive strategy that encompasses all the components of your IT environment, from the network to the perimeter, data, applications and endpoints, minimising and managing the weak points and vulnerabilities that expose your organisation to risk.

activereach’s end-to-end portfolio of network security solutions can protect your business from advancing threats, enhance network performance, and optimise operational efficiencies.

activeDEFENCE network security solutions can help you to:

  • Fight cybercrime & prevent security breaches with our comprehensive Protect and Test services
  • Elevate your security posture and reduce your risk profile through expert guidance
  • Protect data and critical information assets
  • Test and remediate application, database and network vulnerabilities
  • Identify and deploy security best practices
  • Ensure compliance with local regulatory mandates