Point-to-Point Ethernet

As an organization grows, finding a way to keep people reliably connected can be a major challenge. It is a particular issue when new sites are added to a business such as satellite offices, data centres, or additional retail or warehouse units.

For this reason, creating and maintaining a strong, resilient and cost-effective network for the whole business is a critical task. Many organizations are turning to Ethernet point-to-point (p2p), a networking technology that extends an existing local area network (LAN) into a wider area. Ethernet p2p links offices, data centres and retail units together into a single, and secure, Wide Area Network (WAN) so they can work as one site.

How it Works

Technically, Ethernet p2p is a form of regional WAN designed to expand the benefits of an Ethernet LAN to a wider geographical area. This is sometimes also referred to as a metro Ethernet network solution or an Ethernet private circuit.

It works by providing dedicated, point-to-point, high-speed optical fibre connections between workplaces to create a single, fixed capacity network. By using dedicated Ethernet connections, p2p means there’s no need to transmit data across links on the open Internet, which makes the infrastructure secure and extremely reliable. P2p has the potential for very high capacity, with bandwidths of up to 10 Gbps and even, in some cases, beyond.

Private fibre ethernet circuits UK

activereach’s p2p solution can provide Ethernet coverage for distances of up to 35km, making it ideal for connecting sites across a city or region; for example, linking two data centres, or a head office to a number of satellite sales offices.

activereach’s p2p solution offers:

  • Expertise to design, build and maintain a cost-effective and reliable p2p network.
  • Consultancy in the specification of requirements and supplier identification.
  • A world-class, fibre-optic infrastructure from leading telecoms suppliers.
  • Dedicated, high-speed circuits with bandwidths of 10 Mbps; 100 Mbps; 1 Gbps; 10 Gbps and beyond.
  • Extremely reliable, zero-contention data connections with up to 99.998% availability.
  • Multiple switching points and dual-routing for maximum resilience.
  • Builds on existing, easy-to-use Ethernet LAN infrastructure and resources.
  • Low latency to support time-sensitive applications such as VoIP, IP CCTV and cloud.
  • IP Voice, video and data over the same physical data link.
  • Multiple protocols, ideal for both legacy applications and future-proofing.
  • CESG impact level 2-2-4 compliant for maximum security.

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