WAN Solutions

activereach builds and manages Wide Area Networks, WANs for UK business that are acutely tuned to our clients’ performance and financial objectives.

Our solutions leverage

  • The benefit of independent market selection for true best of breed network performance
  • On-demand and affordable supplementary expertise that enables businesses to focus IT resource where there is critical mass
  • Custom built in-house management tools providing in depth network insight
  • Network design that is demonstrably future proofed and an enabler for next generation collaborative technologies and service centralisation
  • Flexible network transformation schedules, that are designed to minimise parallel run legacy WAN OPEX costs and meet CAPEX constraints
  • Zero service downtime and turnkey deployment schedules that result in no distraction to our customer’s IT organization and no loss of revenue
  • SLAs built with up to 99.999% availability, plus service credits for SLA violation using end to end availability, TTR, Latency, Jitter
  • Flexible options to pay based on usage or fixed billing models
  • Flexible terms and conditions allowing site technology upgrades and cancellations without having to pay off the bandwidth and port MRCs for the remaining term

Our WAN networks are built using a diverse range of technologies from a carefully selected range of Carriers (including Tier 1 Carriers such as BT, TalkTalk Business, and Global Crossing) that we utilise for specific builds based on evenly balanced geographical, price and performance merits.

Deployed technologies include ADSL, EFM, E1/T1, Fibre Ethernet and also IPSEC VPN over 3G. Our IPVPNs can be deployed as end to end MPLS, or as private leased line / IPSEC VPNs over Internet hybrids.

See our MPLS, VPN, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Point to Point pages for further information on our WAN Solutions.