Secure Remote Access

activereach provides a new, alternative approach to secure remote access and third-party application access.  Enterprise Application Access (EAA) is a SaaS service that delivers access to applications without providing users access to your entire network.

The Challenge: Providing Secure Remote Access

Providing employees with secure access to applications deployed behind the firewall is a core requirement for all businesses. Increasingly, enterprises must also deal with the riskier proposition of providing this same access to third parties and remote users, including their contractors, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Enabling secure application access, whether hosted in a public cloud or private date centre, is a complex, cumbersome task requiring on-premise hardware and software such as Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Identity Management Systems (IAM), and more. Yet, with these technologies, enterprises are exposed to a variety of security risks, now compounded by the network presence of untrusted third party users.

The Solution: Enterprise Application Access

Enterprise Application Access is a new approach to remote application access; providing a safe, secure, accelerated and more convenient alternative to traditional solutions, such as VPNs, RDP, and proxies. With EAA, no one can access applications directly, because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure. A unique dual-cloud architecture closes all inbound firewall ports while providing authenticated end users access to only their specific applications. EAA integrates data path protection, identity access, application security and management visibility and control into a single service.

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Putting You Back in Control

With Enterprise Application Access, you get a centralized, managed solution that does not require external hardware or software. Managing and controlling third-party — as well as customer and employee — access becomes simple and uncluttered, and with the elimination of the complexity comes fundamentally better security.

EAA removes the chronic pain suffered by IT teams associated with managing remote access. It is easy to deploy, provision, change, and monitor. Enterprise Application Access removes all the complexity: no device software, no software upgrades or updates, and no additional hardware. User management difficulties – from onboarding to off boarding – are a breeze. As a central point of entry and control, EAA provides a single management pane for detailed audit, visibility, control, and compliance reporting. The result is painless secure remote access.

SaaS-based approach to secure remote access and third-party application access
EAA: A new SaaS-based approach to remote and third-party application access

Business Benefits

  • Convenient: Users access apps from any device, any browser without additional software including VPNs and browser plugins. Stand up new applications and provision users in minutes. Service consolidates ADCs, Wan Optimization, VPN, & 2FA. No hardware or network changes required.
  • Safe and Secure: Enables application access for users, yet keeps them off the enterprise network. Lock down firewalls to all inbound traffic, make apps invisible to the Internet.
  • Visibility:  Complete auditing and reporting of user activity. Available as built-in reports or can be integrated with your existing tools.

How it Works

Enterprise Application Access provides secure remote access as a service that eliminates the need to punch holes on the network perimeter. Instead, users access applications through the cloud, which stops and secures the user’s access far outside your network. There is no direct path into your applications. Instead, EAA dials out a secure, mutually authenticated, TLS connection from within your network or cloud and brings the application to the user.

Since there are no tunnels, there is no path for malware to land inside your network. All user connections are stopped in the cloud, terminating on secure proxies, while applying strong authentication and security controls.

EAA makes accessing applications fast and intuitive for end users. It optimizes applications and presents them in a browser on any user device. And with enterprise-grade single-sign-on, and intelligent multifactor authentication, security is no longer a burden for users or IT.

With one-click integrations for Active Directory, SAML providers, CDNs, forward proxies, SIEM tools, and other infrastructures, custom scripting and integration are eliminated. Scaling and deploying apps across public and private infrastructures is a snap with built-in high-availability capabilities, server load balancing, and automatic application routing.

To find out more about managing and controlling third party access to enterprise applications, please speak to an activereach Security and Networking Specialist on 0845 625 9025.