LAN Switch Infrastructure

At the heart of every local area network (LAN) is a switch infrastructure. This can be anything from a single device connecting desktops to printers in a single office, to a hierarchy of stackable and chassis-based LAN switches configured to provide connectivity (and power) to PCs, printers, IP phones, wireless access points, CCTV cameras and the gateways to the outside world. They might be low-cost devices capable of only 100 Mbps Ethernet connections – to powerful multi-Gigabit units designed to manage traffic between 10 Gbps wide-area connections and local 1 Gbps networks.

How it Works

Whatever the performance, scale or type of LAN switch infrastructure required, activereach is the perfect partner for small and medium businesses that would rather focus their attention on other areas of their IT infrastructure.

activereach designs, supplies, configures and supports all types of Ethernet switch – both layer-2 and layer-3 – core, distribution or access. With modern wide area networks and hybrid cloud architectures increasingly using Ethernet protocols, having a partner that understands where stackable and chassis-based LAN switches can be used might provide you with access to lower networking costs and higher performance than dedicated routing devices.


  • All companies need high-performance and resilient LAN switches
  • Modern networks are increasingly using Ethernet for wide-area and cloud connectivity
  • LAN switches are vital for inter-office communications and access to the outside world
  • LAN switches have a vital role in security, monitoring, and even powering the company network
  • activereach is a specialist in LAN switching including stackable and chassis-based LAN switches
  • activereach can design, supply, configure and support LAN switches of all sizes and types
  • Support for VLANs, QoS, PoE, in-depth monitoring and security configurations
  • Fixed LAN and wireless LAN access can be catered for

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