LAN Cabling

Even with the advent and rapid growth of wireless networks, the business demand for low-latency, high performance of structured LAN cabling networks remains good. activereach provides small and medium-sized businesses with easy access to the full range of metallic and fibre optic cables to fit all budgets and technical requirements.

activereach specialises in the design and installation of cabling solutions from twenty to five hundred end-points whether in a data centre, office environment or elsewhere. Category 5-7 cables or single and multimode fibre optic cabling depending on cost, distance, capacity and EM environment. For small and medium-sized businesses, activereach is an ideal partner for your cabling needs.

  • Companies of all types and sizes still require high performance cabled networks
  • activereach plans and installs all types of LAN cabling; copper (cat 5-7) or fibre optic
  • 20-500 endpoints is a typical project size
  • Multi-Gigabit LAN, PoE, long distance and challenging EM environments
  • Stand-alone projects, or combined with switches and wireless as desired

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