SIP vs hosted voice

Hosted VoIP

Many businesses benefit from switching from ISDN to a hosted VoIP solution. If you have your phone system delivered through the Cloud it can be managed remotely; this is often referred to as a hosted solution.  A hosted voice solution will reduce your installation and maintenance costs whilst increasing security as it is almost impossible for hackers to individually target your SIP solution without first gaining access to the provider’s more sophisticated systems.

SIP or Hosted Voice? Which is best for you?

Once you’ve made the decision to make your business phone calls over your Internet connection, the next question is which solution is right for you?

To help, we’ve put this quick video guide together. In just 4 mins, it explains some of the considerations that should be made, such as:

  • The size and type of your business, including number of sites and people at each site
  • If control of your phone system is important to you, or if it’s a burden
  • What payment model best fits your business

How can activereach help?

As an authorised reseller of market-leading SIP, VoIP and hosted voice solutions, activereach can help you choose the best solution to prepare for ISDN retirement. We also have a number of complementary services from fast IP connections, secure VoIP optimized broadband, wholesale line rental and fax services which ensure your migration to SIP is 100% effective.

  • Comprehensive voice call strategy review.
  • Advice on VoIP network topologies, traffic management and virtual LAN segregation strategies.
  • Design, supply, configuration and support of VoIP phones and handsets.
  • Consultancy on SIP Trunking capacity, ROI, configuration and Erlang calculations.
  • Full support and advice on transferring from PSTN and PBX/ISDN to IP-based telephony (e.g. number porting).
  • Design, supply, configuration and support of IP-based PBX installations .
  • Technical advice on IP/PSTN integration, FXS and FXO gateways.
  • Fax to email conversion (T38 protocol).
  • Comprehensive support for VoIP/IP security and threat protection, such as firewalls, denial of service protection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and Request Flooding.

To find out more about SIP and hosted voice telephony for UK business, please call a Unified Communications Specialist on 0845 625 9025.