Leased Line Internet Access

Leased Line Broadband for UK Business

Leased lines sit at the top of the networking tree, the go-to choice for organizations looking for the ultimate in Internet access. Featuring a dedicated fibre-optic connection, a leased line is particularly suitable for companies that are heavily invested in high bandwidth applications such as HD video conferencing, real-time data streams or intensive cloud-based services.

Traditionally, leased line access has been an expensive option, limiting it to large corporations, but recent changes in technology means this is now a viable option for smaller organisations looking for maximum security and bandwidth capacity.

Leased Line Internet Access : How it works

An Internet Leased Line consists of a dedicated fibre-optic connection between the customer’s premises and a nearby point of presence such as a local exchange. It delivers a private, fully symmetrical bond to the wider Internet. By using fibre, the bandwidth can be guaranteed with no speed drop off relative to the distance from the exchange. In most cases Ethernet is used as the native transportation protocol allowing scalable and seamless transfer of Internet IP traffic, and close integration with existing local area networks.

A leased line is physically installed with what is known as a Bearer Rate, a maximum ceiling on its bandwidth capacity based on the fibre-optic technology used. This can be as high as 10Gbps. This is not necessarily the rate at which the line is initially leased, which can be considerably lower, leaving plenty of scope for future scalability. The customer pays for this lower quota, known as the Committed Data Rate based on their actual bandwidth requirements at the time. Once the connection is in place it is easy to configure additional capacity as the business scales.

As an Internet leased line is used in situations where reliability is essential it is often installed in partnership with secondary, back-up arrangements to provide absolute maximum uptime guarantees. These range from a simple ADSL back-up connection, to more complex architectures involving dual fibre connections which are diversely routed through separate router equipment for total peace of mind.

activereach’s Leased Line Internet Access service for UK businesses offers:

  • Direct, permanent, high capacity fibre-optic connection to the premises.
  • Up to 10 Gbps of guaranteed, symmetrical bandwidth.
  • Ultra-low packet latency, ideal for high-end applications such as Voice over IP and HD video.
  • Completely uncontended link – no sharing with other businesses or retail customers.
  • Unlimited monthly data usage.
  • Highly scalable from 10 Mbps as business requirements change.
  • Variety of back-up Internet services with automatic switchover.
  • 99.99% service level availability with the ultimate in 24/7 support.