Ethernet over Fibre (EoFTTC)

EoFTTC is a low-cost business broadband service which offers up to a 20Mbps symmetrical connection, and additional burst capacity up to 76Mbps for downloads. It is a fraction of the cost of full fibre Ethernet connections, but can be used for those smaller offices which might demand fibre performance, but cannot justify fibre expense. It presents an Ethernet connection to the local network, making integration with on-premise network equipment simple.

EoFTTC achieves this combination of price-performance by using the latest broadband technology – part copper, part fibre optic. EoFTTC involves a standard copper landline (data only) from your business premises to the local green cabinet, and then a shared high-speed fibre optic cable from the green cabinet to the exchange and from there to the Internet, or your own private MPLS network. The use of fibre optic cabling from the cabinet onwards eliminates signal degradation over distance and massively enhances available capacity where the service is enabled.

Until EoFTTC was available, there was no easy middle-ground between offices using copper-based ADSL broadband, and expensive fibre-based leased lines or Ethernet services. Now, with EoFTTC, many smaller, but data-hungry offices, can benefit from the capacity of a fibre-style connection without the expense. These connections are ideal for transfers of large data files or cloud applications as well as real-time application traffic such as SIP telephony, video conferencing or thin clients.