Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

EFM Business Service

As they grow, many organizations find themselves needing to upgrade from legacy business broadband solutions such as ADSL. Crucially, they are looking for a solution that delivers more reliable upload speeds as their staff come to rely on services that are sensitive to network latency, such as cloud-based applications, Voice over IP and video conferencing. A potential next step is Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), an affordable and versatile alternative to fibre-based, leased line solutions, which offers similar levels of service and reliability.

By leveraging existing telecoms assets, EFM is an ideal solution for companies that have outgrown traditional business broadband and who want a highly cost effective, and rapidly deployable, upgrade path.

How it works: EFM

EFM is based around Ethernet, the ubiquitous Layer 2 communications technology, which began life in Local Area Networks but is now also extensively used in Wide Area Networks. By bringing Ethernet directly to the customer’s premises EFM provides maximum flexibility, offering easy plug-and-play installation into existing networking equipment. By transmitting Internet data packets in their native form EFM avoids complex protocol conversions, allowing network designers to rapidly build out from an organization’s Ethernet-based local area network.

The name is somewhat of a misnomer as the distances involved may vary (up to about 4km), but essentially it represents the final connection between a subscriber organization and the service provider’s nearest exchange or point of presence.

EFM involves traditional telecoms copper wiring, rather than fibre optics; using bonded pairings to deliver Ethernet directly from a serving local exchange to the customer’s premises. This reliance on existing copper wiring means that it can be installed without complex cabling installations.

EFM is fully synchronous, and uncontended, offering identical high-speed uploads and downloads of up to 20Mbps and the bonded pairing arrangement makes for very high service reliability as one pair can continue if the other goes down.

activereach’s EFM Business service offers:

  • A fast, affordable alternative to pure fibre solutions.
  • Multiple dual or quad bonded copper pairings for range of speeds (up to 20Mbps).
  • Synchronous, uncontended bandwidth.
  • Fast lead time on installation compared to other solutions such as fibre.
  • Highly resilient solution thanks to use of multiple bonded copper wires.
  • Easy integration with existing Ethernet-based local area networks (LAN).
  • Presents on RJ45 for easy use with existing network equipment.
  • Fixed IP address schemas.
  • Ideal with applications that need low latency such as VoIP and Virtual Private Networks.
  • Service levels of 99.95%.