Active Directory® (AD) failure

The business case for protecting Active Directory® from failure

The qualitative basis for protecting your business from Active Directory failure is simple and strong. Active Directory underpins every local and wide area network service your staff uses and is critical to the functioning of the business applications that rely on IT.

Annual risk of failure x (Duration of downtime x Cost per unit time) = Annual expected loss

Duration of downtime = Response time + Time to diagnose + Time to restore 

An Active Directory failure is a nightmare for IT administrators. The AD failure impacts all user authentication and directory services and will be noticed by users very quickly. The majority of business time lost is in fault diagnosis and service restoration.

Microsoft provides a variety of tools to help diagnose and potentially fix corruption or failure due to software glitches, failed changes to schema, accidental or malicious misconfigurations. However these tools require a high degree of skill and accuracy and, as Active Directory systems get larger and more complex, these problems and this time increases exponentially. One mis-step in the restoration sequence can cause the whole process to fail and throw any restoration back to step one.

Third party solutions for Active Directory failure

A market has emerged for third party applications that help administrators backup Active Directory and restore it in the event of one of an Active Directory failure. Companies invest in third party solutions because they automate the otherwise labour intensive process, and remove some, or all of the skill requirements and potential for inaccuracy. This massively reduces the time to diagnose and repair failures.

The reduction in downtime is directly related to the proportion of automation within the backup and restore system and the degree of accuracy and detail the system can operate to. Some third party solutions offer only partial automation and many do not operate to a sufficient level of detail to restore Active Directory or associated services as they were – demanding further manual intervention by IT administrators to complete any restoration process.

Companies that invest in systems to backup and restore Active Directory® are well-versed in managing business risk. Unfortunately, traditional and familiar technology solutions for this vital aspect of recovering the business network from failure are often inadequate.

Feature-complete protection from Active Directory failure

activereach believes that its solution is what the market needs. It is feature-complete, robust and demonstrably better at automating the backup and restore of Active Directory than solutions from more familiar brands such as Microsoft or Dell.

Businesses that have invested in third party solutions for Active Directory backup and recovery would be best advised to look for feature completeness to ensure that they can get maximum value from their investment in this critical risk management service.

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