Digital ready networks

activeNETWORKS is an expert in designing, implementing and supporting innovative digital ready networks as a platform for your businesses.  As the world turns digital, everything is becoming connected over the network. Processes are connected across organisations, devices across global locations, employees and customers collaborating to and from anywhere and the corporate network underpins information flow.

We are in the early stages of Cloud, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation, locations services and numerous other exciting innovations. Each of these technologies and the sheer quantity of devices being connected dictate that a robust, always available network is in place.

activereach provides advice, technology and services to help our customers make the right decisions and maximise business value from their network infrastructure. Working with the leading technology providers Meraki and Cisco to capitalise on the latest hosted and cloud-based services.

activeNETWORKS can help you to:

  • Create a network roadmap and framework that aligns your organisation for mobility, Cloud, IoT, big data and the digitisation of your business
  • Enable your Network for existing and the new future technologies
  • Protect your organisation, its people and your partners from cyber threats and theft of intellectual property
  • Simplify and automate the management of the infrastructure whilst providing more intuitive granular control
  • Effect seamless integration with legacy architectures
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for single and multi-site businesses