PBX Gateways

Effective telephony services are still vital for business success, and the key to making best use of your telephones is in the flexibility and power of your private branch exchanges (PBX or PABX). activereach believes that every company, regardless of size, should have the opportunity to access the latest in low-cost feature-rich voice services using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology.

Many smaller business have been tempted by hosted or cloud-based telephony platforms, but struggle with poor broadband reliability and poor Internet voice quality and a limited range of tools to integrate existing telephony hardware or voice applications. A low-energy and small form-factor IP PBX may be the answer.

How it Works

IP PBX and gateways for UK business

activereach supplies a range of affordable and innovative PBX appliances for deployment on a customer site offering the broadest range of features and functions available, in a small, secure and easy-to-use form-factor.

activereach designs, supplies, configures and supports PBX devices for sites of all sizes. An IP-native PBX and gateway enhances small and medium businesses with advanced telephony features – leveraging their data networks and integrating with their existing telephony estate. activereach is the perfect partner for IP Telephony deployments up to 500 handsets and beyond.


  • Small and medium business may find Internet telephony offers poor reliability, poor quality and lacks features to support their voice requirements
  • activereach designs, supplies, configures and supports a range of IP PBX devices for all sizes of site
  • Small form factor, low energy consumption, simple and quick to deploy. Also easy to move
  • Broadest range of telephony features for sites from 5-500 users. Low TCO – free software upgrades
  • Highly secure and redundant topologies and configurations available
  • Supports remote working natively and can support multiple sites simultaneously

To find out more about PBX Gateway solutions from activereach, please call a Networking & Security Specialist on 0845 625 9025.