Telephony & Unified Communications

Bring people together anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an integrated collaboration infrastructure for voice and video calling, messaging and mobility.

Consolidate your communications  with high quality IP telephony, high definition video, unified messaging, instant messaging and presence. Whether using a desk phone, mobile, smart phone, tablet or PC/Mac you can utilise a familiar client to set up calls, conferences, messages, group chat and video. Communicate effortless when you’re on the move or away from the office.

Solutions can be delivered in one of two ways:

As a service – It can be provided as a hosted communications system from highly secure and redundant data centres with a low monthly per user price. All administrative and management tasks are centralised on a secure web-based portal and users have access to their personal settings and system preferences

On-premise – Systems can be delivered on a customer site, across multiple customer offices or as a hybrid system with resilience within the cloud. The applications can run on existing or new virtual server estates with a customisable feature set, business application integration and with a completely tailored support service.

In both deployment environments we can connect Cisco and Microsoft messaging clients, sophisticated contact centre / self service applications and provide workflow and business applications integration.

Desktop | Mobile | Video

On-Premise | Private Cloud | Public Cloud | Hybrid

Great collaboration technology enables individuals to work together to achieve defined and common objectives. Teams that work collaboratively can achieve things collectively that cannot be achieved individually through access to greater resources, richer team engagement and improved information flow.

activereach are empowering their customers to collaborate better. Our offerings are intuitive, work across numerous devices and have the same look and feel to help drive adoption and productivity.