Self service

The multi-channel revolution in customer contact which we are witnessing is not just about the advent of social media, the mobile customer or the uptake in smartphones. Real improvements in self-service – both voice and web-based – are upon us today. While the traditional benefits of cost reduction is still very much part of the self-service tool box, there is now a growing emphasis placed on gathering information about these interactions to feed into voice of the customer programs; businesses are seizing upon the opportunity to display IVR menus visually; virtual assistants and chatbots not only encourage customers to interact with them using natural language, but are also able to provide tightly-aligned and relevant marketing offers to them at the same time that they are providing the single correct answer to the customer’s query.

Boundaries are blurring between self service and assisted, nowhere is this better seen than in the possibility of escalating a self-service session seamlessly to a live agent as required, passing along information personal to the customer and the context of the query, and feeding the eventual correct response back into the knowledge base so that the next customer with a similar query will benefit from what has gone before.

Self Service

Dramatically reduce costs by empowering your customers to self-serve

A significant number of customer requests are for simple issues such as password resets, order status enquiries or directory assistance. Nearly all of these requests are ‘self-service’ interactions that can be handled without the need for live assistance.

Activereach solutions empower customers to self-serve through a wide range of options that are quick to implement, powerful, and extremely cost-effective. Options include: speech recognition, touch tone, web, forums and mobile apps.

Other examples where Self Service can be used:

  • Taking bookings
  • Checking balances
  • Card payments
  • Direct debit set up
  • Request appointment
  • PCI payment
  • Conference set up

Self Service for Mobile & Web

The need to provide your customers with an app experience is more important than ever and offering a mobile IVR service via mobile devices allows users to participate more easily in self-service options on the go, and, most importantly, at their own convenience. We offer tools which quickly allow a user on any device to participate in a self-service session through a mobile app or a web portal. The app visually navigates customers through your customer service options seamlessly offering your customers a better end-user experience and reducing customer frustration. If your customer then wishes to speak to an employee they are given the media channel options available & the wait time per channel.

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We understand customer service and the lesson that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach simply doesn’t work in today’s complex market. Businesses need to know their customers and deliver services tailored to their needs. It is more important than ever for businesses to protect their reputation and focus on customer satisfaction.

With the ongoing move to cheaper digital self-service channels for customer service, many businesses are making savings by reinvesting that money to ensure that when people do need to speak to staff directly, they can get connected into the business and access somebody equipped with the relevant knowledge to solve their problem.

Activereach can help you put a strategy in place that allows you to respond proactively to customer preferences.