DDoS Attack Emergency?

If you suspect a security breach you need a rapid response to help minimise business disruption, financial impact & network downtime.  Our dedicated DDoS Incident Response team will help you find out what happened and put emergency measures in place. If you suspect your organisation has been DDoS attacked, get in touch straight away.


+44 (0) 333 444 3367

Our 24-hour DDOS incident response team will provide guidance on how best to respond to a DDoS attack & promptly work with you to start mitigating the attack

What should I do if I suspect a DDoS Attack?


  • Call a DDoS Incident Hotline
  • Inform only those individuals who need to know
  • Secure & protect the target devices and any related devices, where possible
  • Record all details of the attack, in case of a future claim


  • Confront the suspected organisation/attacker
  • Let untrained personnel attempt to fix the problem
  • Be tempted to investigate yourself

Please visit our DDoS testing services page for advice on preparing your business for a DDoS attack response, in advance of a real DDoS incident.