activereach spreads Christmas cheer with a FREE Cyber Threat Check to local businesses – in Cyber Santa fashion

Lorna Fimia

High Wycombe, UK – 17th December 2019

Is Your Network Cyber Safe This Christmas?

activereach, leading UK cybersecurity integrator, has been “knocking on doors” of local businesses with a unique Christmas message. In true festive spirit, the sales team at activereach has been offering gifts of mince pies, ice scrapers and a FREE Cyber Threat Check to neighbouring businesses on the Cressex Business Park. Christmas is a time of celebration and downtime for many, but the majority of businesses are unaware that the holiday season is prime-time for cyber attacks.The threats can take many forms and result in anything from minor inconvenience to full-on identity theft.

The trial offered by activereach allows businesses to detect threats such as malware, ransomware and phishing on their computer networks. The threat check also provides visibility of Internet activity across all locations, devices and users – so any suspect browsing activity can be easily identified. Unlike other solutions, the activereach trial also offers up easy remedial action to safeguard businesses from future threats.

activereach visits neighbouring business, Muira Systems with festive greetings
activereach visits neighbouring business, Muira Systems, with Christmas gifts for the team & some sound cybersecurity advice

Keith Archer, Commercial Director at activereach, and leader of the Christmas venture, commented:

“It has been great fun connecting with the businesses on our doorstep. We have learnt so much about the nature of the threat landscape from speaking with our neighbours and are delighted that so many businesses are keen to take part in our unique Cyber Threat Check.”


activereach surprises High Wycombe businesses with Christmas goodwill

What Do Businesses Need To Look Out For This X-mas?

Cyber criminals are constantly refining their methods so you need to be on the look out for anything that either seems out of the ordinary or is from an organisation you would not normally use. Just because you have not heard of the scam before does not mean that the email is genuine.

Some of the main things to look out for are:

  • Short-term Deals – Customers keen to take advantage of quick deals may be less likely to check carefully that websites are genuine and secure and so end up on a fake website. A lot of work goes into these so they look professional and can be very convincing
  • Phishing Emails – These will increase and are likely to trick people into clicking on a malicious link or attachment. These come in a variety of guises:
    • Your account has been blocked
    • We have spotted suspicious activity on your account
    • An invoice
    • Payment advice/order confirmation
    • Failed delivery attempt
  • Unavailable websites – Cyber criminals will target online retail websites with a DDoS attack threat, possibly coupled with demands for ransom. Doing this at a time of peak demand increases the chances of disrupting the website and making it unavailable. With the genuine site unavailable it increases the likelihood that you could end up on a fake site.
  • Card Payments – The increased volume of shopping at this time of year, even for people that don’t usually do much shopping, means erroneous card payments are more likely to go undetected either by you or your banking organisation.

How Can Businesses Take Part In A Trial?

activereach Cisco Umbrella Free Trial


Businesses that would like to sign up to a Cyber Threat Check can do so by visiting








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