Taking on the threat of a DDoS Attack

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14 April 2014

Stop it and allow the good traffic through.

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Your company will have a DDoS attack. If you are not prepared, you will be in trouble.  When you are attacked you need to react quickly to protect your ecommerce platforms and your reputation.  Sensible companies invest in DDoS attack mitigation equipment or cloud services but wise companies test these solutions and their people so that when a real DDoS attack happens, they are ready.

Publicly available tools, a little knowledge, and a small number of individuals with a grudge, a motivation, or a malevolent intent is all that is required to disable your organisation’s ability to conduct transactions across the internet. The result is unhappy customers, unhappy staff, and unhappy board members.

activereach provides a full cloud-based DDoS attack testing and validation service ranging in speed from a few Kb to hundreds of Gb per second with sources in multiple overseas locations. We work with your business, platforms, and networking staff to ensure protection of your in-house or outsourced services through education of the problem, demonstration of your capabilities, and improvement of your protection, in a scheduled, controlled and real-time visible assessment of your ability to withstand the stresses of a proper DDoS attack.

Whether you want a simple one-off confidence test or you need regular, complex or custom testing for multiple protocols, we can consult, design, implement and launch an authorised attack on your chosen resources. Through our experience in the deployment of mitigation products and DDoS attack services, we can build in remediation advice and support to help you ensure that your DDoS protection does what it is supposed to do: stop the attack and allow the good traffic through.

Remove the real threat of DDoS attack from your company risk register by speaking to activereach at Infosecurity Europe (stand C73), or contact us now.

Watch out – you are not safe yet.

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