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7 July 2015

activereach announces launch of Secure Cloud Gateway at Infosec 2015

Start securing your cloud application access, data and usage with activereach’s newly launched Secure Access to Cloud Apps solution powered by the FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway.

The activereach solution enables the responsible adoption of cloud apps, while ensuring security, compliance and governance of any cloud application, on any device, by any user. Until now, CIOs/CISOs were forced to choose between blocking or allowing cloud apps. Now, with Secure Access to Cloud Apps they can define and enforce adaptive security policies to prevent data breaches of cloud apps like ADP, Google Apps, NetSuite, Office365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, WorkDay and countless others.

In addition to centralised control and deep visibility, the activereach solution protects against malicious attackers, account hijacking, unintentional risky behavior, unauthorized BYOD, and thousands of other risks inherent in using cloud apps.

Prevention capabilities include:

  • Control Over Any App: vendor agnostic, granular level control of any resource
  • User Centric Prevention: real-time prevention via interactive mitigations
  • Policy-Based Architecture: define custom policies, roles and alerts
  • Open & Extensible: integrates with any API and 3rd party security or monitoring tool
  • Full Stack Security: protects from network, device, OS, IP, app, and content to work flows

With no configuration on the enterprise’s side, deployment is fast and seamless. To learn more, contact activereach on 0845 625 9025.

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