Webinar – Breach Detection: Why SPOTTING a Breach is More Important than STOPPING it!

Sharon Holland

New: Free In-Depth On-Demand Webinar
Thurs, May 9, 2019 12.00 – 12.45 BST

This webinar will help IT, Network and Security professionals implement proactive measures to detect data breaches as soon as they happen

Free On-Demand Breach Detection Webinar

In the current threat landscape, most businesses now recognise that it is only a matter of time before they are breached.  This shift in philosophy from the idea of preventing every intrusion to realising that intrusions will happen is an important milestone. Sadly, hackers can hide in your network for days, weeks or months without your knowledge. UK businesses, especially SMBs, need to get smarter in their approach to detecting intrusions and limiting their impact.

Early breach detection can make an enormous difference. According to the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, the average dwell time (time lag from network intrusion to detection) is currently a chilling 146 days. So, by the time most breaches are detected, the damage has already been done and the costs have shot up significantly.

Join our 30-minute presentation + 15-minute live Q&A to learn about:

  • Real world examples of some of the most damaging (and undetected) recent data breaches, presented by Industry Expert Ian Thornton-Trump
  • Designing your technology stack and network architecture to prevent critical exposure
  • Beating the hacker – strategies for responding to new threats including crypto mining, ransomware and credential stuffing
  • Internal and external breach detection methodologies to reduce dwell time to minutes, rather than months (and save yourself a lot of pain)


Ian Thornton-Trump, Industry Expert

Max Pritchard, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, activereach Ltd


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