A Virtual Tea Masterclass – With Roundtable on Micro-Segmentation

Lorna Fimia

Venue: Online via Zoom

Date: Tuesday 25th May 2021

Time: 14:00 – 15:15 BST


About the Event

In an effort to bring infosec and networking leaders together and create a shared experience centred around amazing tea, activereach, in partnership with Guardicore, is hosting a Virtual Tea Masterclass.

Led by Stokes Tea & Coffee Master Brewer and accredited Barista Training Academy Manager, this class will take you on an immersive journey that brings to life five teas of unique flavour, origin and character. Each guest will receive a personal tea tasting kit along with course materials and a complimentary eco travel mug to take your brews wherever you go.

The Virtual Tea Masterclass will be followed by a round table with key discussion points focused on the Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation model including:

“How can enterprises create micro-perimeters of control around their sensitive data assets to gain visibility into how they use data across legacy systems, data centres and cloud deployments?”

“Most organizations have implemented network segmentation using traditional network security tools such as internal firewalls, VLANs and ACLs. In this scenario, how can you leverage software-defined segmentation to accelerate your move to a Zero Trust ecosystem?”

If you are in the early stages of implementation or you are well advanced on your journey to Zero Trust, we invite you to share learnings and best practice – based on your own experience.

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