Why ISO 27001 certification is a ‘must have’ for 2021

Crucial Assurance and Return On Investment

Are you looking to ramp up your information security management in 2021? You’re certainly not alone.

Resilient-focussed organisations around the world are actively upgrading their compliance to mitigate the rapidly expanding threat landscape. While compliance with local standards and frameworks (like Cyber Essentials here in the UK) is a great start, powerful customers in your supply chain are increasingly seeking assurance to the gold standard of infosec: ISO 27001. With the right system in place, ISO 27001 can deliver not only crucial assurance to your important stakeholders but can deliver real ROI to your organisation.

Demonstrate To Your Stakeholders You’re A Safe Pair Of Hands

Why is ISO 27001 increasing in popularity?

We’re experiencing unprecedented challenges to business continuity, and certification to the standard demonstrates to external stakeholders that you’re a safe pair of hands in their network. It declares that you’ve got a globally recognised process in place to identify and manage risks to your systems and information, and by extension, your supply chain. While cybersecurity is accommodated in this framework, information security goes beyond the digital channel to protect both digital and physical environments. It’s a holistic security posture that delivers maximum assurance.


Avoid Costly Breaches and Win New Business

At first glance, certification to ISO 27001 can appear time consuming and costly. But a deeper analysis on return on investment should consider potential cost saving as well as possible revenue generation through new business wins. IBM reports the cost of an average data breach to an organisation in 2020 was 3.86 million US dollars. With statistics like that it’s no wonder distribution networks are demanding stronger and stronger assurances when choosing with whom to do business.


Building Your Information Security Management System (ISMS)

In order to achieve ISO 27001 certification you will need to build an information security management system (ISMS). The sheer number of vendors claiming to deliver ISMS solutions can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to navigate the solutions that over promise and under deliver –  like seemingly low-cost static options that are little more than glorified spreadsheets offering no insight, direction or joined up view.

There are a number of key characteristics that you should look for in your ISMS solution:

  • All-in-one place and always accessible
  • Flexible enough to be able to manage multiple complementary standards and frameworks as they evolve – not just ISO 27001
  • A system that can grow with your organisation, so it keeps on meeting its infosec needs for the foreseeable future

Comprehensive, Flexible and Affordable

When we’re talking to customers interested in ISO 27001 we recommend ISMS.online. We use ISMS.online to manage our own ISO 27001 compliance because the system is the most comprehensive, flexible and affordable available. If you’re at the beginning of your ISO 27001 journey, you can build your ISMS from scratch on the platform. If you’ve already made gains towards your compliance or certification, you can easily migrate your existing work. The platform is full of actionable documents, tools and frameworks that give you a 77% start on your certification documentation.

To visualise how ISMS.online can make the complex simple for you on your journey to ISO 27001 certification, contact activereach Ltd on 0845 625 9025 to find out more and to arrange a demo.